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5th BCASP Spring Workshop

About This Event:
Intensifying Interventions for Struggling Readers Through Data-based Decision Making

Despite strong evidence to support the use of validated instruction and intervention in reading, there remains a significant number of students for whom these practices do not seem to be sufficient. It is imperative that students who are minimally responsive to instruction receive more intensive, individualized interventions. Current research highlights the utility of data-based decision making (DBDM) as a process to gradually intensify intervention through systematic use of student assessment data. However, teachers require specialized knowledge and skills to collect and use data in this manner. School psychologists are in an optimal position to confer closely with teachers, administrators, and other related professionals to support effective instructional practices that provide every student an opportunity to succeed academically. In this session, Dr. Toste will highlight key features of effective reading instruction and the current evidence related to intensive intervention. We will discuss: (a) dimensions of intervention intensity, (b) use of DBDM to monitor student process and make instructional adjustments, and (c) support for teachers’ data literacy. Participants will engage with the DBDM process through guided case study applications.

Event Date:
Friday, May 7th, 2021
Event Time:
9:00am to 12:00pm
Hosted By:
Dr. Jessica R. Toste
Type of Event:
Digital Webcast
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